Sophienholm Art Exhibition, CORNER 2011, A Visit with friends

Art excursion with friends and their grandchildren

Text and photos Erik K Abrahamsen

CORNER 2011:

Corner 2011, Sophienholm, Bagsværd. Bror 6 år years old and his brother Ejner 3 years before painting by Per Baagøe born 1946: Skrænter ved havet, 70 x 100 cm. Foto: 1.februar 2011

The 1. february 2011  Claus Levy, Per Baagøe, I and Hannah Carlsen with her two grandchildren travelled to Sophienholm Art Exhibition to visit Corner 2011 Art exhibition.

Per Baagøe is member of Corner Artist Association and we were all invited to experience the annual exhibition.

Hannah Carlsen is one week alone with her grandchildren  Bror, 6 years old and Ejnar, 3 years old. The boys parents are on a promotion tour to a film festival in Holland.

To have 2 young boys with us in an art exhibition will be a challenge for all!

But Hannah got an idea:

To give the two boys focus of play entertainment Hannah bought a magnetic fishing rod with 12 small fishes each with a magnet on the mouth.

Corner founded 1932 consists of 45 members and is today the second largest artist association in Denmark.

CORNER 2011:

Click on the pictures and use your zoom control and and will see them in full screen size.

Finn Heiberg,

Painter, born 1957:

Entrance of Sophienholm Art Exhibition. Hannah Carlsen open the gift of fishing rod and 12 small fishes to the two boys Ejnar and Bror. At left Claus Levy and Per Baagøe. Corner 2011: In the background paintings by Finn Heiberg born 1957. Photo: 1. february 2011

And from now on we can enjoy the paintings and one another compagny the next 4 hours:

Finn Heiberg,

Painter, born 1957:

Finn Heiberg: Havnemaleri med ternet område, 123 x 150 cm. Photo: 1. february 2011

Jens-Peter Kellermann,

Sculptor, born 1952:

Corner 2011 exhibition. Sculptors by Jens-Peter Kellermann, born 1952. The two brothers loved fishing from the white paper bag. From left Hannah, Per, Claus, Bror and Ejnar. Photo: 1. february 2011

Daniel Enkaoua,

Painter, born 1962 i France:

Corner 2011. Painter Daniel Enkaoua: Sarah de face, 2008, 18,6 cm x 20,0. At left Claus Levy born 1939. Photo: 1. february 2011

Cathie Pilkington,

Painter and sculptor, born 1968 in England:

Corner 2011. Cathie Pilkington, Majolica, 2007. Ceramic, gloss and paint, 73 x 40 x 32 cm. At right Hannah Carlsen. Photo: 1. february 2011

Lene Rasmussen,

black-and- white artist, born 1959:

Cathie Pilkington, Majolica, 2007. Ceramic, gloss and paint. 73 x 40 x 32 cm. In the background drawings by Lene Rasmussen born 1950. Photo: 1. february 2011

Egon Bjerg Nielsen,

Painter, born 1937:

Corner 2011. Cathie Pilkington, Cat, 2010. Jesmonite and paint. 22 x 44 x 38 cm. Bror at left with his little brother Ejnar. In the background paintings by Egon Bjerg Nielsen, born 1937. Photo: 1. february 2011

Friends on Corner 2011 Art Exhibition,


Corner 2011. From left Erik Kristian Abrahamsen born 1945, Per Baagøe born 1946, Bror born 2004, Hannah Carlsen born 1947 and Ejnar born 2007. View in direction to Bagsvaerd Lake behind the window. Photo by Claus Levy: 1. february 2011

Lars Ravn,

Painter, born 1959:

In the background paintings by Lars Ravn born 1959. Sculptors by Jens-Peter Kellermann born 1952. Photo: 1. february 2011

Two brothers in harmony. Bror and Ejnar fishing with the magnetic fishing rod and the 12 magnetics fishes. Relaxed with fun and joy. Photo: 1. february 2011

Roald Als,

Painter, cartoonist and author, born 1948:

Roald Als: 2 portrætter Anker Jørgensen and Ritt Bjerregaard, on wood. Photo: 1. february 2011

Per Baagøe,

Painter, born 1946:

Corner 2011. At the loft of the Stable. At right: Per Baagøe paintings. Photo: 1. february 2011

Per Baagøe and his painting "Ved Korshage", 60 x 100 cm. Corner 2011. Foto: 1. februar 2011

Corner 2011. Bror, 6 year old and Ejnar, 3 year old at the painting of Per Baagøe born 1946: Skrænter ved havet, 70 x 100. Photo: 1. february 2011

Corner 2011. Per Baagøe, Skrænter ved havet, 70 x 90 cm. Photo: 1. february 2011

Alba S Enstroem,

Painter, born 1960:

Corner 2011. In the loft of the Stable. At right Alba S Enstrøm (born 1960) paintings "Ich liebe dich", 2010, 206 x 189 and "The blue cat and his servant", 2010, 84 x 90. Photo: 1. february 2011

And here we are all together after lunch, walk along Bagsvaerd Lake and an excellent art experience at Corner 2011 in Sophienholm, Bagsværd:

We did it! – enjoyed 4 hours art experience  in harmony and fun.

When we finished we had all more energy than when we started – included the childrens grandmother Hannah Carlsen!

Corner 2011. From left Bror, Erik, Ejnar, Claus and Per. Photo by Hannah 1. february 2011

Permanent Exhibition in Sophienholm:

COBRA Ceiling 1949

Cobra Ceiling 1949. Ejnar 3 years old under the COBRA Ceiling in Sophienholm.

The Cobra Ceiling had been painted 1949 in Bregnerød in a summerhouse “Frederiksholm” owned by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen by:

Asger Jorn, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Anders Østerlin, Erling Jørgensen, Mogens Balle, C.O. Hulten, Alfred H. Lilljendahll, Mogens Jessen(not Cobra painted 1959) and Vibeke Alfelt.

All in all 17 paintings (minus one from 1959) painted on wood of the ceiling  as the first common project as COBRA Group.

Cobra was founded 8. november 1948 in Paris by Jorn (Denmark), Appel, Constant, Corneille (all three from Holland), Dotremont (Belgium) and Noiret.

Cobra: Co- for Copenhagen, br- for Brussel and a- for Amsterdam.

In August and september 1949 Asger Jorn invited artist friends for a Cobra Conference in Frederiksholm Cottage in Bregnerød, Denmark. In those 2 months they painted and decorated the walls and ceilings of the Frederiksholm Cottage. It was a collective project, where they lived, eat and painted together.

Frederiksholm Cottage was builded in 1935 in Bregnerød as neighbour to Ravnsholt forest and lake. Unfortunately the foundation was bricks  and not concrete, and with lack of damp barrier. That allows moisture to destroy the walls and ceilings.

Incomprehensible – the cottage was drawn by professional architects and builded by The Academy for  education af danish architectures! Responsibility by institutions and prominent peoples could have saved the cottage.

Today the Frederiksholm Cottage in Bregnerød is a ruin.

Fortunately the above ceiling had survived by intervention by Virtus Schade and The Mayor of Lyngby Taarbaek Commune Paul Fenneberg Lyngby. He baught the 35 m2 Cobra Ceiling and gave it as a gift to Sophienholm in 1969.


Asger Jorn, COBRA Ceiling 1949,

Painter, author and sculptor, 1914-73:

Asger Jorn, COBRA Ceiling 1949, Sophienholm Art Exhibition, Bagsvaerd, Lyngby, Denmark. Click on the picture and use your zoom control and you will see it in full screen size. Photo: 1. february 2011

The Corner 2011 is open 14. january – 27 february 2011

Sophienholm, Nybrovej 401, 2800 Lyngby

Open under exhibitions: Tuesday-sunday kl. 11-17. Thursday kl. 11-20. Manday closed

Telephone: 45 88 40 07

Bus nr. 191 (direction Sorgenfri) from Lyngby Station


I have written and told through photoes the story of the two brothers Bror and Ejnar, 6 and 3 years old, because I find it important to give our children and grandchildren the experiences of art. They can feel and sense art directly in exhibitions and experience the parents and grandparents experiences too.

The children will learn to behave socially and understand to respect other people in the art exhibition. That means, that the children knows themselves so much, that they can controle their own spontanity in order not to disrespect other visitors boundaries of having a relaxed atmosphere in the  art exhibition.

It will not take away childrens creative spontaneity, but will give them focus and a unique and natural selfcontrol.

When we are with children outside and in the nature we can fight, play, run and make all noise or silent fun together.

Of cause with necessary respect for animals and other people in the area!

Corner 2011, Sophienholm. Per Baagoe and Hannah Carlsen. Bror 6 year old and Ejnar 3 years old playing in the background. Photo: 1. february 2011

Copenhagen 1. februar 2011

Copyright Erik K Abrahamsen 2011

With Love


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