Impressions from Danish Riviera between Skodsborg, Vedbaek and Elsinore

Indtryk fra Den danske Riviera mellem Skodsborg , Vedbæk and Helsingør

Visit to

Kronborg Castle, Elsinore

Fredensborg Castle in Fredensborg,

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød,

Gurre Castle Ruin in Gurre,

Asserbo Castle Ruin, Asserbo, in Tisvilde Hegn,

Esrum Manastery in Esrum and

Esrum Moellegaard in Esrum,

– all situated under 15-20 km. from the The danish Riviera Coastline to Kattegat and Øresund.

Text and pictures Erik K Abrahamsen



Houses in Vedbaek, 15 km north of Copenhagen at Øresund Coastline. Photo: 19. june 2010

The Danish Riviera is 200 km beauty of beach, forests, art and historical sites along the seas of Øresund and Kattegat.

Its starts in Charlottenlund 5 km north of Copenhagen and you can follow the coastline by car, boat, bike, run and walk to Klampenborg, Skodsborg, Vedbaek, Rungsted, Humlebaek, Elsinore, Hornbaek, Gilleleje, Tisvildeleje, Liseleje, Kikhavn, Hundested, Roervig to Zealand Odde – all in all 200 km!

Its the pearl of North Zealand.


Vedbaek Beach at Øresund with private beach, bridge and boat. In the distance Skodsborg south of Vedbaek. The swan is the danish national bird. Photo: 19. june 2010
Private bridge and boat at Vedbaek Beach, Øresund. Photo in direction to Sweden in the distance. Photo: 19. june 2010
Private Beach at Vedbaek, Øresund. In all Denmark its by law allowed to pass all private beaches, but you are not allowed to stay at the private beach. The law is written on the blue sign here on the beach. Photo: 19. june 2010
Forest and houses close to the seashore at Øresund, Vedbaek 15 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: 19. june 2001
Houses close to the seashore of Øresund. In direction north to Vedbaek harbour in the background at right. Photo: 19. june 2010

Close to the 200 km Danish Riviera coastline at Øresund and Kattegat you can visit:

Part of the future National Park: Kongernes Nordsjælland,  National Park  “The Kings North Zealand”:


Map of North Zealand with the future National Park: The Kings North Zealand from Arre Lake in west til Elsinore in east. Kort over Nordsjælland med den fremtidige National Park: Kongernes Nordsjælland fra Arresø i vest til Helsingør i øst. Photo: 2008

Kronborg Castle, Elsinore,

Fredensborg Castle in Fredensborg,

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød,

Gurre Castle Ruin in Gurre,

Asserbo Castle Ruin, Asserbo, in Tisvilde Hegn,

Esrum Manastery in Esrum and

Esrum Moellegaard in Esrum,

– all situated under 15-20 km. from the The danish Riviera Costline to Kattegat and Øresund.



Kronborg Castle in Elsinore:

The Castle was founded by Erik of Pommern ( King of Denmark and Norway 1412-39) around 1420 and extended by King Christian 3 (King of Denmark and Norway 1534-59) and by King Frederik 2 ( King of Denmark and Norway 1559-88) in 1558-59.

In 1574-84 King Frederik 2 removed the greater part of the castle and rebuild a new castle in style nederlandsk renaisance with brickwork construction of sandstone and roof of cupper.

Kronborg castle, Elsinore close to the coastline of Øresund at the narrow strait between Danmark and Sweden. Click at the picture and you will see in full screen size and use your zoom control.. Photo: 2008

Map of North Zealand, Denmark:

Map of North Zealand. Photo: 2008

Fredensborg Castle, Fredensborg north east of Hillerød:

Build of King Frederik 4 (King of Denmark and Norway 1699-1730) 1720-24 in style classic baroque with a one of the most beautiful garden of Denmark close to Esrum Lake.







Fredensborg Castle, Fredensborg. Photo: 2008

Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød:

Build of King Christian 4 (King of Denmark and Norway 1588-1648) in 1602-08 in style nederlandsk-renaisance.

The garden is in style baroque with a lot of fountains and monograms of danish kings and queens.

Frederiksborg castle with Baroque Garden. Photo june 2009

Neptun-fontainen, reconstruction after the original by Adrian de Vries:

Neptun - Fountain. Reconstruction after the original by Adrian de Vries. The sculpture of Neptun, the Roman God of the seas on top of the fountain. The original Neptun sculpture was taken by the swedish king Carl 10 Gustav as spoils of war under the war 1657-60 between Denmark and Sweden. The original sculpture is placed at Drottningholm Palace at Lake Maelar in Stockholm, Sweden. Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød. Foto: 2008

The Castle of Gurre, Kongeborgen Gurre:


Map of Esrum Lake and Gurre Lake in North Zealand. Kort over Esrum Sø og Gurre Sø i Nordsjælland. Photo: 2008

The Castle was founded near Great Gurre Lake in the beginning of 13´century and during King Valdemar 4 (1340 – 75) a quadriateral ring wall with four towers was build around the keep.







The Castle of Gurre, Kongeborgen Gurre, Gurre, Nordsjælland. Foto: 2008
The Castle of Gurre. Kongeborgen Gurre. A table of the history of the castle of Gurre. Click on the photo and you can see it in full screen size. Then use your zoom control and you can read the table without glasses! Foto: 2008

Asserbo Castle Ruin:

Asserbo Castle Ruin, Absalons Fortress, Asserbo, Tisvilde hegn, Nordsjælland. Around the Castle ruin: the moat for protection from invaders. Tisvilde hegn is a forest area at the coastline of The Danish Riviera at Kattegat. In the forest there are more than 60 monuments from the Danish Stone Age (3900-2800 B.C.), Bronze Age (2400-500 B.C.), Iron Age (500 B.C - 750 A.C) and Viking Age (700-1000 A.C.): burials mounds, barrows and passage graves. Photo: 18. april 2009
Asserbo Castle Ruin, Absalon Fortress, Asserbo, Tisvilde Hegn. Table of its history. Started as a monastary 1100 A.C. under Esrum Monastary. Later under Soroe Monastery and became a big farm, castle and fortress (Absalon Fortress). After the Lutheran Reformation in 1536 under the danish kings property. Photo: 18. april 2009

Esrum Monastery:

Esrum Monastery and Esrum Moellegaard is located 500 m north of Esrum Lake and at the shore of Esrum River.

The Esrum Cisterciensermonk-Monastery was founded 1151 as a daugter Monastery of Clairveaux, France.

Esrum Monastery close to Esrum Lake in Gribskov, North Zealand. Photo: 2008

Esrum Moellegaard:

Esrum Moellegaard is founded by King Christian 4 ( King af Denmark and Norway 1588-1648).

The water from Esrum River flowes through the Main Mill Building.

Esrum River has a fall by 9 m from Esrum Lake to the outflow in Kattegat 15 km north of Esrum Moellegaard.

Esrum Moellegaard, Esrum, North Zealand. The Main Building with water mill in ground floor, the millstone on 1. floor and the grain for flour production on 2. floor under the roof. In front of the house at left there are a millstone and at right the water from Esrum Lake flows through the Main Building. Foto: 2008
Esrum Moellegaard, Esrum. The Main Building. Turbines for flour production. First floor. Photo: 2008

Have a nice trip with your family, friends or alone.

Copyright Erik K Abrahamsen 2010

Copenhagen, 23. june 2010



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